‘Female Artists Research’

Female Artists Research:

In order to give a new interesting look and balance with ‘the old masters’ in my drawing course!

When I wrote my drawing course and ‘experienced’ this with very motivated drawing students for 6 years, before working and completing my drawing books now, I always included examples of ‘the old masters’. It was and is a fact that there is more published and written about male Artists.  But during the time I studied Art History and reading about it,  and also during the time I was writing and working on my drawing course, I found that there were more and more people, especially woman, came with interesting news about the Woman’s Artists in History.  Mostly because they always felt these same conclusions:  Why were there so many woman to be seen in ‘all kinds of positions’ in Art Work, and why are  there so little  women mentioned as an Artist? I once wrote a poem about this: ‘How much do we have to miss in our world today?’ There is no balance in this! Even if it is a very, very small contribution from me to this all, to this rewriting in ArtHistory, I feel this as a duty to give them this importancy they maybe never had! Very many Female Artists and their Female Works have to be  found and written about, so that in time, more and more information contributes our way of living and Art, in balance to ‘the old masters’